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Elberta, Peach


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David Mas Masumoto Suncrest Peach are hailed the culinary world over, but the yellow-gold Elbertas that he plants now are a chef's dream.

Elberta Peaches have golden yellow skin blushed with red. Yellow flesh is firm, fine-grained and freestone. Elberta has the smallest pit-to-fruit ratio of most other peaches.

Exceptional flavor, good fresh or froze. They're great for baking and canning, as they retain their color and texture. This old-fashioned variety (popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) is too delicate to travel.

Elberta is a beautiful tree. In the spring, rose-red blossoms will fill the air with fragrance. In my opinion no finer or lovelier peach tree exists anywhere. The elberta on semidwarf rootstock can be kept to any height by summer pruning. Prolific bearer.

Tree Size: Large

Ripens: Late

Size: 5/8 to 3/4 inch caliper (width around trunk)

Rootstock: Semi-dwarf

Pollination: Self-fertile

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