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Suncrest, Peach


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He writes "Sun Crest is one of the last remaining truly juicy peaches. When you wash that treasure under a stream of cooling water, your fingertips instinctively search for the gushy side of the fruit. Your mouth waters in anticipation. You lean over the sink to make sure you don't drip on yourself. Then you sink your teeth into the flesh and the juices trickle down your cheeks and dangle on your chin. This is a real bite, a primal act, a magical sensory celebration announcing that summer has arrived. " This excerpt from the prologue of Epitaph for a Peach, written by David Mas Masumoto, famous author and mater peach grower, says it all.

Large, round freestone peach with bright red blush over yellow skin. Yellow flesh, exceptionally firm texture, but very juicy, with good flavor. Heavy producer.

The tree is vigorous, self-fruitful, and a consistent producer. Its blossoms are frost hardy, and it has a hardiness record that was tested in Eastern sites.

Tree Size: Large

Ripens: Midseason

Size: 5/8 to 3/4 inch caliper (width around trunk)

Rootstock: Standard

Pollination: Self-fertile

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