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IPMC Service Day



Dear IPMC Participants:

We are very excited to partner with you and look forward to leveraging your generosity to help a lot of people in need. We have two specific goals, 1) to harvest and deliver a lot of backyard fruit, that normally would go to waste, to people that need it and 2) help you understand how we can address hunger using environmentally sustainable, low-cost solutions.

Overview of the Day
We will begin the day by meeting at the address listed on the Eventbrite page. After orientation and safety review, we will go to several homes to harvest fresh seasonal fruit (mostly apples and pears.)

We expect to visit 2 to 4 homes. Picking fruit is fun but hard work. We will be outside the entire time. We will have all the necessary equipment, including buckets, picking-poles, ladders, clippers, and crates with us.

What to Wear and Bring
Please wear closed-toed shoes and clothing appropriate for the expected weather conditions of the day and come prepared to be outdoors for the entire time. Other items to consider are:

Hat and Sunglasses
Gardening gloves
Brown bag to take some fruit home

End of the Day
Want to see where the fruit goes? We’ll deliver the harvest to one of our partners, this way you will experience the full life cycle of your work.¬†

Share the Bounty
Ever had a warm backyard tomato? If yes you know it tastes so much better than the store-bought stuff. Backyard fruit is the same. Bring a bag and take home some amazing fruit.