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Buy a Fruit Tree

Buy a fruit tree

If you are lucky enough to own a home, count your blessings by planting a fruit tree. And if you have a school-age child, then plant a tree and let your child learn how food grows right in your backyard. We want to plant as many fruit trees in the community as possible. Each fruit tree will feed the tree owner as well as friends, family and those in need. To facilitate this goal we organize an annual community purchase of fruit trees. Here is how it works:

– we select a group of trees that grows well in northern California (considering fruit type, chilling hours, and root stock)
– we set up an online store where you can browse available fruit trees
– you can order and pay for your trees online or by check
– when the trees arrive, we organize a workshop
– you come to the workshop, learn how to plant your tree and take your tree home
– we stay in touch and help you grow your tree

Here are some links to get you started:

Go to Store – Browse Fruit Trees


Workshop Date and Location


Workshop Agenda


More About Fruit Trees