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Charlotte’s Story



It’s a heartwarming story.

Charlotte lives in rural Solano County. About 10 years ago, her husband planted an orchard of 810 persimmon trees. Shortly after he passed. Charlotte and her extended family inherited the job of looking after the trees. The trees have matured and produce a lot of tasty fruit. But there is a glitch.

Her delicious, healthy fruit does not meet the requirements of our broken food system that prizes shape, size and looks over taste and sustainability. Until three years ago, the entire harvest rotted on trees. She told me, “I used to wake up at night and cry why this fruit goes to waste when so many people need help.” She looked around and finally found us. We now make annual persimmon pilgrimage to Charlotte’s farm and harvest 40 to 80 thousand pounds of fruit for donation to local hunger relief agencies and 5 food banks.

She wants us back this year and we will do what we can. There is a lot of fruit on the trees, which means no matter how many volunteers come to help, we will not run out of fruit to pick. We are hoping to harvest at least 50,000 lbs this year. It’s a bit of a stretch, but with your help we hope to pull it off.

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Here are some scenes from last year’s harvest.