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Efficient Delivery of Water

Posted on Jun 29, 2014 by in Blog in Pics, Drought | 0 comments

Thriving vegetable plants need proper mixture of water and air at their root level. When water is applied to soil, a mostly horizontal layer of soil is moistened to “field capacity” before water moves down the soil structure to lower levels.

There are many ways to deliver water to the root zone of a vegetable plant, the most efficient method is drip irrigation. It is a simple but effective technology with many benefits and a few drawbacks. Drip irrigation systems are inexpensive, require simple tools and little skills to set up and use. All fruit and vegetable gardeners should consider a drip system for their garden.

In this video we explore best watering practices, including the proper set up and use of a drip system.

While drip irrigation is the cornerstone of an efficient watering system, it does not address all the needs of a garden. Judicious use of other watering methods are explored, with emphasis on making water accessible and easy to use.

Studies have shown that most backyard gardeners either over water or under water their plants. Learning how to use a drip irrigation system, supplemented with point watering, is a big step towards wise use of water in the backyard food garden.

The water timers mentioned in the video are Orbit SunMate 62034 Mechanical Watering Timer
and Orbit 62061N-91213 Single-Dial Water Timer

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