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Show me the form to register my fruit tree

Click here The link to the form is right below the picture.

My fruit is ripe. After I register, how fast can you get here?

Unfortunately, not fast enough! It usually takes about 2 weeks to add new trees to our harvest schedule. Please send us an email and let us know that your fruit is ripe. We will do all that we can to include your tree. If you have soft fruit such as plums, you should make alternate plans. For firm fruit like apples and persimmons, we have more leeway.

After I registered, I saw a welcome page. Where is it?

That page is right here. Welcome Fruit Donors

My apples have worms. Can I still donate?

Of course you can. Worms in apples is a sign of naturally grown and untreated (not sprayed with chemicals) fruit. The hungry are smart. They know they can cut the worm out and enjoy the fruit.

Can you leave some fruit for us?

Of course. Do you want the fruit on the tree or picked and placed in bags? If you want the fruit left on the tree, give us an estimate of how much we should leave for you. Otherwise, please put a bag (or a box) with a note near the tree. We will fill it up and leave it for you.

My trees need pruning and basic care. Can you help?

No. While we have a lot of expertise with fruit trees, we do not have the resources to take care of the tree. For our current members (membership fee is $50 per year) we inspect their trees and develop a plan they can give to a professional arborist.

What about figs, loquats, kumquats and other fruit not on your list?

We do not harvest these types of fruit because 1) they are hard to harvest i.e., loquat, 2) hard to handle i.e., figs 3) the needy cannot effectively use them (i.e., kumquat)

Where does my donated fruit go?

Most of your donation goes directly to hunger relief agencies such as a soup kitchens, food pantries or shelters. Our goal is to get the fruit to table as fast as possible, with the least amount of handling. For very large harvests, after supplying the local agencies with all the fruit they need, we send the excess fruit to the local food bank.