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Get the big picture! What is this page all about?

So you don’t have a fruit tree and can’t donate any fruit. What can you do to help?

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can help is by getting the word out to friends and neighbors who have or might have fruit trees. For every tree that is registered, we harvest enough food to feed about 40 people and this is not a one time thing. It’s 40 people year after year.

There are a million ways to help us get the word out and if you feel hesitant to contact your friends of neighbors, here is a little fact you should know. The vast majority of fruit tree owners get more fruit that they can use. They hate seeing all that wonderful fruit go to waste and would love to donate it for a good cause. But, they don’t know how. When you tell them about our service, don’t be surprised if they get giddy and thank you. They are not just being polite, they probably have been looking for a service like this and are grateful that you connected them.

Sample posts for Nextdoor

Feel free to use these sample posts on Nextdoor.

Color PDF file to email to friends

“Tell a Friend” PDF in full living color

Black and white PDF file to print a flyer

This B&W PDF will make two half page flyers.