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For Our Supporters



Get the big picture. What is this page about?

A key goal of this project is to “produce” high quality food at low prices. As long as the cost of producing backyard food is lower than the cost of buying it, society gains that value and more. There are other good reasons for keeping the costs low. For example, low production costs ensure careful resource utilization thereby improving the sustainability of the project and impact of the work on the environment.

While this is a highly optimized project, it cannot run without money. We need to buy gas for the harvest truck, service the vehicles, buy and repair equipment and most importantly, insure the project. So where do we get money to pay these bills?

Our core constituency is divided into four groups: the volunteers who contribute their time, the fruit donors who contribute the food, the poor and the hungry that receive the food and those who think hunger is a devastating condition but do not fit into any of the above three categories. Volunteers and fruit donors are consistent donors. If you want to help from the comfort of your home, this page is for you. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will go directly to providing healthy, local food to our neighbors that need it. 

Can I donate on line?

Yes. Please click here to donate using Paypal or a credit card.

Can I write a check?

Yes. Please make your check payable to:

The Urban Farmers 1035 Carol Lane Lafayette, CA 94549

How about in-kind donations?

Tell us what you have in mind (click here) and as long as we can use your products or services, we will put your donation to work.

How will my name be listed on your donor page?

We will use your family name such as “Richardson Family.” If you prefer otherwise, please let us know.

Can I be listed annonymousely?

Yes. Just let us know.

What's the difference between Supporters and Members?

Members make a $50 annual contribution and get a modest package of benefits listed here. More here. We need 500 members to keep the project operating. Supporters contribute any amount and support the long term development and stability of the project.

To learn more about the design of the project visit Hunger Proof Cities.