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Help for Volunteer Groups

Group Harvest


Group harvest vs community harvests. How are they different?

Community harvests (regular group harvests) are volunteer driven activities focused on harvesting fruit. The main goal is to maximize production. Group harvests are private events set up for a group of students, co-workers or community members. The main goal is education and team building.

Is there a charge for group harvests?

Yes. The charge is $20 per person for non-profit organizations and $25 for all others. We will wave the fees for non-profit organizations with proof of hardship.

Pay to volunteer?

If you want to volunteer, you do not have to pay and are welcome to register for any harvest as long as 1) there is space available and 2) it is not private. If you want a group activity for your organization, we will be glad to host your event and focus our energies on education and team building. We incur expenses for group harvests and ask you to share in paying for your event.

What size group can you accommodate?

It depends on the season. During summer months we can accommodate 30 people or larger groups with advanced planning. During winter months the group size is limited to 12 people.

Reason: See below –  “What happens if the harvest has to be cancelled?”

What if we have to cancel at the last minute?

If you cancel before we have set up the harvest, 100% of your fees will be refunded. If you cancel after the harvest has been set up, there will be no refund. It takes a lot of effort to set up a harvest and a backup plan. See: “What happens if the harvest has be cancelled (for example due to rain?)”.  If you have to cancel at the last minute (we understand sometimes it’s inevitable), we will have the additional burden of cancelling the harvest, the backup plan or find volunteers quickly.

We can not afford the fees. Can we still come as a group?

Yes, you can and you have two options. You are welcome to join any harvest that has open spots. This is especially helpful if your group is small and your main focus is on volunteering. If you are a non-profit organization and your focus is on education and the fees cause hardship please write to us and we may be able to wave the fees.

What happens if the harvest has be cancelled (for example due to rain?)

Imagine this. You have organized a group of people to come to a harvest and that morning it is raining hard. Now what? Group harvests have a backup plan. If on the day of the harvest we have to cancel the harvest, we will take your group to an alternate location for a hunger relief related volunteer activity. For example, if the harvest is rained out we may go to a food pantry, help them prepare bags and hand them out to their clients.