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Welcome to Fruit Share

Click on the Picture to Donate Your Fruit or Vegetables


The easy way to share your delicious fruit and vegetables with those in need.

Fruit Share is a pilot project that we, your neighbors, are testing with The Urban Farmers in the Walnut Heights neighborhood of Walnut Creek.

In a nutshell, Fruit Share is a porch pick-up and delivery service for the Walnut Heights community. We will collect your excess fruits and vegetables that you pick from your trees or garden and deliver it to people that need it.

Here’s how Fruit Share works:

  1. If you expect to have excess fruit this year, click on the picture above and register for the Fruit Share service.
  2. After you register for the Fruit Share service, we will work with you to include you in our pick-up and delivery schedule.
  3. Once you are scheduled for pick-up, just pick your fruit and place it somewhere we can find (we can provide bins, if necessary).
  4. We will collect your fruit, deliver it to a local hunger relief agency, and send a receipt for your tax purposes.

It’s that simple.

Our starting pick up schedule is first and third Monday of each month starting at 9am.


Want to help or have a suggestion. Please email us

Got questions? Check out our Fruit Share FAQ page or click here to email us.