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Harvest Leader Training


Lead the effort to reduce waste, build community and feed the hungry.

Time Requirements
To become a harvest leader, you must:

  • Attend two harvests
  • Attend Harvest Leader Training session
  • Agree to lead a minimum of one harvest per quarter (4 per year)

What Does a Harvest Leader Do?
The job comes in two flavors:

Local Leaders are community members that are trained and equipped to harvest a fruit tree in their neighborhood. Each month we end up with a list of trees that have ripe fruit but for a variety of reasons we can not get to them. We need Local Leaders that are qualified to go and harvest the fruit in the neighborhood.

Harvest Leaders are the catalysts that make The Urban Farmer project work. In short, fruit donors have registered their trees; volunteers sign up to help but each team must have a Harvest Leader before we can take the fruit off the tree and put it on someone’s table. The task of leading a harvest takes about 3 to 4 hours and includes:

Start of the Harvest

  • Meet the volunteers as they gather for the event
  • Record attendance
  • Perform orientation and give safety instruction
  • Perform a brief demonstration of various methods of picking fruit.

At each Location

  • Meet the fruit donor
  • Distribute tool and equipment
  • Direct volunteers and organize the work activities
  • Take photographs (optional)
  • Record weight of fruit harvested and make any notes

End of Harvest

  • Deliver fruit to a partner agency
  • Thank volunteers
  • Explain impact of their work
  • Update harvest details

Annual Tasks

  • Attend volunteer celebration event

As Harvest a Leader you will have the opportunity to grow or improve skills in team-building, public speaking, time management, group facilitation, and community-building!


We will give you all of the training, materials, and support you need to be a Local or a Harvest Leader.