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ILM Tree Homeschooling Cooperative and Sienna Ranch

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 by in Community, Hunger Relief | 3 comments


Last year, a group of 8th grade students at a homeschooling cooperative known as ILM Tree (“ILM” is the acronym for “Inspired Learning for Muslims”) were motivated by the teachings of their faith to partner with The Urban Farmers and go out with them to harvest fruit trees from local backyards.

Inspired by their experience, the middle schoolers presented a partnership opportunity to Sienna Ranch where The Urban Farmers would use Sienna Ranch land to plant a fruit orchard. One year later, Sienna Ranch, ILM Tree, and The Urban Farmers are joining forces to do just that with project “Grow to Give”.

ILM Grow to Give

Project Details
The goal is to plant 50 fruit trees on Harvest Hill. Sienna Ranch will provide the land and maintenance for the trees. The Urban Farmers will manage the planting details, purchase the trees, and arrange the volunteers. The cost is $100 per tree and funds need to be raised by December so that The Urban Farmers can order the trees and begin planting in January. Funds cover the purchase of the trees, as well as fencing, irrigation, terracing the hill, and soil testing. We anticipate having our first harvest in 3 to 4 years.


What can you do?
We are looking for donations of $100 to go towards buying a tree. If you wish to donate less than $100, we encourage you to team up with another family or two and pool your donations to make $100 total for a tree. Each donation of $100 will be given one plaque on the entrance gate to the orchard. Plaques will be big enough to display multiple families’ names or any other personalized piece of art. With your donation, you will support the purchase of one fruit tree which will feed needy families for years to come. 50 trees is the minimum orchard size, so we must raise at least $5,000. We have the capacity to plant up to 100 trees, so any additional funds will be used to plant more trees! Trees may be purchased in the name of an individual or a family. Please donate and spread the word to family and friends!

Purchase a Fruit Tree


  1. Yay! We have met our goal Alhumdulilah!

  2. 50 trees was our goal, now aiming for 100!

  3. We now have 82 trees!!!

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