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Hooray, hooray! You made it.


Let’s talk about the 500-pound elephant in the room, starting with the obvious.

We need money to operate, and our members fund the project. In fact, becoming a member of The Urban Farmers is akin to buying a shareholder of a public company. You invest in the project so it can run and create value. The big difference is the value we create does not benefit you but the society. What! Give you money without getting anything back?

This is the page where we say something profound, or give you something, which eases the pain of parting with your money. But we are fresh out of the guilt-ridden stuff. We are also not into telling you that your $50 annual membership fee will save the world, and don’t get me started on the T-shirt and trinkets because we don’t have any of that either.

Instead, come dream with us. Come “own” a part of the solution. Come for a laugh under a fruit tree. Bring the kids and make memories. Learn about food and where it comes from. Learn about food waste and do something about it. Above all help those who can not help themselves.

Then as soon as you subscribe, walk up to the mirror, pat yourself on the back and feel good about doing something good for someone else. We dole out gratitude in buckets.

But if you absolutely must have that T-shirt, please send us $35 and go to the store and buy one that fits you well. But hurry, $15 T-shirts are a thing of the past and are also in short supply.

Want to know how we will spend your hard earned cash? Read Hunger-Proof Cities. It’s our serious stuff. (hint: carefully)

Welcome to The Urban Farmers, with our sincere gratitude.


Hunger Proof Cities