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New Phase of The Urban Farmers Project

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 by in Community, Hunger Relief | 0 comments

The Urban Farmers project is about to enter a new phase and we are hopeful and excited. After four years of work, we are finally ready to move the project from a tightly controlled, central effort to a decentralized and democratic model of volunteering and civic engagement.


To paraphrase Paul Hawkins (author: Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World) to be optimistic and bullish about the future, “requires a plausible basis for constructive action, you can not describe possibilities for that future unless the present problem is accurately defined.”

We now know the problem, arguably in more detail than necessary, and have the basic infrastructure in place to begin the work of gleaning the solutions and designing the next phase of the project.

The infrastructure, from deploying local teams, to communicators, to speedy software development and group teleconferencing tools are in place for building solutions quickly and improving constantly.

The next step is to bring everyone together.

In ancient cultures, in order to solve a social problem, they formed groups that cared about the community and in turn the community supported them. This way by sharing their know-how, they formed solutions that were appropriate and resilient.

We’d like to bring everyone together for two reasons:

  1. “Knowing in Common” – We want to enable you to develop your own ways of gleaning in your neighborhood based on your experiences and your local culture. This requires some basic tools and training that we will provide.
  2. Development – The other half of the meeting is to start the building of an intentional community, where the tinkerer can sit with the designer, and the dreamer can meet the practical, with the intent of building something useful beyond our most optimistic expectations.

If you care about hunger in America and want to do something about it, if you believe there are innocent people amongst us that can not help themselves, if you always wanted to be on the ground floor of change, if you want to set an example for your family and friends, or if you have no idea what to do but want to help, then this meeting is for you. Please join us for 2 hours at one of these sessions:

Session 1 – Saturday July 26 from 10am to noon

Session 2 – Saturday August 9 from 1pm to 3pm

Session 3 – Saturday August 23 from 10am to noon

* The sessions are limited to small groups, so if your favorite session is “sold out” please add your name to the wait list.
* We will do our best to accommodate everyone and will set up as many sessions as necessary.
* Organic pizza will be served after sessions 1 and 3, and before session 2.
* If you’d like to bring something to share with the community, please do.
* The volunteer appreciation event has been moved to September. More to follow.



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