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New Website

Posted on Jan 14, 2013 by in Blog in Pics | 2 comments

New Website

The old website, served us well for over three years. However support for the engine behind it, was discontinued by Apple. Over the holidays I took advantage of the slow time, did some research, called a few friends and voila we have a new site.

Some of the goals we have for this new website are:

 Easy to modify – Many people from anywhere with a connection can update the site. (more about this at a later post)

Responsive Design – Given that more than half of devices connected to the internet are not desktop screen, we needed a design that can adopt to the size of the screen that it’s serving. The screen layout of this website changes based on the size of your device. Try it with an iphone or ipad or if you are at a desktop screen, simply drag the lower right hand corner of your browser window to the left and see what happens to text and graphics on the page.

Expandable – A week does not pass that someone come up with a good idea that should be included on the site. Now we can expand this site with less hassle.

However the best reason for this change is not technical. Amazing things are happening with the project every week and we want to share it with you. At the same time we don’t want to flood your mailbox with a bunch of e-mails.

Not only this site can help us communicate what’s going on, but in the near future you will be able to register your e-mail and control what you receive and when you receive it.

For now it’s a small-footed site that can be changed. Do us a favor and give it a ride. We like compliments as much as the next guy, but we also appreciate your comments about what you don’t like and that which is not working. Let us know what you think down below.


  1. Hi Siamack,
    Happy to see that the UF is alive and well! Things are great on the Panero farm. Would love to see your smiling face again – please keep me on your email list and I might actually be able to come to one of your events!
    Hello to Cameron – is he back here working with you?

    • Cam has finished college, is back, got a good job and starts work on Monday. Looking forward to seeing you and bringing you some Mason Bee Houses! Please say hi to Bob for me.

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