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Register to Become Our NextDoor Neighbor Captain

First of all thank you for considering to help us. Before you jump in, we want you to know what are you jumping into, including what the problem, why we are asking you to help, how you can help and what your commitment and what will success look like. So let’s get started:

By now you know we harvest backyard fruit for donation to people that need it. What you may not know is some of the indirect benefits of this program.

Fruit trees often produce a lot fruit that lasts on the tree for a few days or weeks. The problem is when an apple tree puts out 300 apples, the homeowner gets overwhelmed with fruit that they can not use.

When the unharvested fruit drops, it makes a mess. Our service helps your neighbors reduce or eliminate this mess.

The unharvested fruit attracts pests and diseases into the neighborhood. Animals are wired for controlling their population based on availability of resources. When there is a lot of fruit in the neighborhood, their population expands. Same is true of pests. When fruit sits on the ground it becomes the site for hosting pests of all kinds.

The rotting of fruit is a simple process of decomposition which releases unwanted gases into the environment. Who wants that?

Finally no one wants to see good food go to waste, especially when other people need that food.

We regularly get emails saying “I did not know about you guys!” or “I did not know your service existed.”

We are very happy these folks find us, but in most cases they find us when their fruit is ripe and falling on the ground. As an all volunteer organization, we plan our work ahead of time and don’t have the ability to respond in an emergency-like manner. So it saddens both of us that on the year of their registration, we often can not harvest the fruit donors’ fruit. You can help break this cycle of frustration.

Another goal we have is to find more fruit donors in each neighborhood we serve. The reason is simple. The density of fruit tree registration by neighborhood, basically how many trees we harvest in your neck of the woods, effects our costs and production. The more trees in a neighborhood means less driving and more harvesting.

Finally the environment. There are other ways of finding fruit trees. We print flyers and distribute them when we see a fruit tree. Until everyone is using NextDoor website, this remains an option. But we want to avoid using paper as much as possible and electronic posting on NextDoor, school news letters, or on the houses of worship bulletins are the most effective way of getting the word out.

Good Neighbor
We want to be a good neighbor in your neighborhood and one way to do this is be respectful of the intent of the website, it a local and “private” place for neighbors to share ideas. We want to post sparingly and avoid duplicate posts.

How Does It Work
The process is as follows:

1- Register to become a captain (takes 2-3 minutes)
2- We’ll review your registration to see if we have a captain in your neighborhood. Most likely you will be our newest captain.
5- Once every other month, we’ll send you a short paragraph (that you can modify) and an optional picture to post.
6- That’s it.

It should take no more than 5 minutes to cut and paste the content. This means your commitment of time is for less than an hour per year.

The second commitment is for you to post in good faith. If you move, stop using NextDoor or for any reason you decide to not post for us, just let us know. We want to thank you and find another captain for your neighborhood.

On average each tree that is registered, produces enough food to feed 31 people for a day and on average a new captain can cause a tree to be registered within 48 hours of the initial posting.

If you care about the poor, the environment, and your neighborhood, this is the work for you. It’s simple, effective does not cost anything and best of all you can do it from the comfort of your home.