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The Problem

The Problem

The issues around food in America are complex and numerous. Most of it has to do with the unsustainable practices that we have embraced.

A devastating side effect of our industrial agriculture is widespread cases of hunger in our communities, evident by the fact that hunger in America is at the highest levels since government began tracking this data under the ungainly phrase “food insecurity”.

Meanwhile the current economic downturn, and the persistent erosion of earning power, has created an entirely new class of the impoverished.  For example, in our area, a worker earning minimum wage has to work over 100 hours a month to rent an average two bedroom apartment and pay for associated basic services. Then consider this dilemma, how does a worker keep a job without a car, without insurance for the car, or without a phone. These are modern day living necessities that are often placed before food.

While it seems that there is an endless supply of food in United States, the poor and the impoverished find themselves lacking access to food, never mind healthy food. Buying fresh, organic produce is beyond the reach of many such workers.

We address this issue by harvesting backyard fruits and vegetables for donation to hunger relief agencies. Gleaning, the act of harvesting excess food for the hungry, is an ancient solution to the persistent problem of hunger. We use the power of readily available technologies to address this problem for our community. We welcome other communities of motivated people, beyond our reach, to join us.