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Register a Tree

Register a Tree


Click here to register a fruit tree

The fruit on a fruit tree often ripens in a short period of time. If the mature crop is not harvested, it puts pressure on the tree, attracts bugs, diseases and pests. Yet many fruit tree owners do not have the time or the ability to harvest the fruit. And if they could harvest the fruit, how would they get the fruit to those who really need it?!

This is where we come in and basically, this is how we can work together:

1- Register your tree by clicking on the link that is just below the picture above.

2- The process is quick and easy. We need a few details. What types of fruit do you have? When do you think the fruit will ripen? etc.

3- When we approach your harvest date, we will contact you.

4- If you have excess fruit, we will coordinate a harvest day.

5- Our volunteers will harvest your fruit, leave what you want and take the rest to the food bank or a local charity.

If you prefer to harvest your own fruit and all you need is transportation to the food bank, that’s fine too. Just let us know and one of our volunteers will contact you.