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Volunteer registration is suspended due to COVID-19.

Open-source production (like it’s world famous cousin, open-source software) relies on a community of volunteers, with varying talents at varying levels of skills, to contribute what they can to achieve a common goal.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Harvest – On the day of harvest, we need a lot of hands to pick and sort the fruit.

…but before we can pick any fruit, we need help with:

Community Outreach– to recruit fruit tree donors and volunteers

Intake Volunteer– to answer e-mails (and occasional calls) from all involved

Harvest Planner– to review the list of registered trees by area, determine what may be ripe and organize a route

Harvest Leader – to administer a harvest and interface with volunteers and homeowners

Don’t stop there. We need your skills and talents. We need writers, graphic designers, web developers, drivers, photographers, singers, musicians, tree pruners, carpenters, equipment repair people and many more jobs. Just tell us how you’d like to help and we call on you when we need you.

need help?