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How about making a difference from the comfort of your home? We are serious! On average for every tree registered, we collect enough fruit to feed 31 people for a day.

Our experience confirms that most fruit tree owners, given the opportunity, would gladly donate some if not all, of their fruit. When community members find out about our gleaning program, the most common question we get is, “does so and so know this service is available?” and our answer is, probably not. So how do we get the word out?

Important: Our experience shows that people register to donate fruit when their trees are loaded with ripe fruit. Please post once every season.

Here are three ways you can help from home:

Nexdoor Logo

If you are a Nextdoor users, this is the most effective way to help get the word out about our free service.


Colorful tree-100

Download this color PDF file and e-mail it to friends and neighbors.



BWl tree-100

Download this black and white PDF file in order to print a flyer that you can give to friends and neighbors.

If your friends and neighbors choose to participate, they will contact us directly.