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Walk for Service


This program requires that you have access to a smart phone with data plan, and the ability to go door to door for several miles.

By now you know we harvest excess backyard fruit for people that need it. Fruit donors register their tree and volunteers harvest the fruit. This a test program intended to improve the environmental footprint of the program.

How Things Work
A typical harvest takes 3 hours and visits 3 to 5 homes and results in 800 to 1,200 pounds of fruit.

Getting the Word Out
A lot of people that have fruit tree do not know about this free service. We use electronic media to reach as many people as we can. Many people that have fruit trees do not use a computer

Distributing Flyer
One solution is to distribute flyers in the neighborhoods we serve.
There are several reasons why we don’t like to flood the neighborhoods with flyers, chief amongst them is wasting paper, cost and lack of targeting.

Test Program
What if we could select a neighborhood
Identify all the homes in that neighborhood that have fruit trees
Notify fruit tree owners by leaving a flyer for them
Mark the street where flyers were distributed so we don’t go back in that area.

Test Plan
We select an area where we already harvest fruit. Volunteers,
download a free app, Map My Walk,  onto their smart phone
receive a stack of flyer
turn on Map My Walk
walk the neighborhood looking over the fences
when they spot a fruit tree, they leave a flyer under the door mat
When done, volunteers download the map of their walk and send it to us
We then upload the map to our website showing areas that has been covered.
Volunteers receives community service hour for work performed.

Feel free to contact us to get started or for more information.

One Neighborhood at a Time
We want to focus this work on specific neighborhoods for two reasons:

Fruit Tree Registration Density
Our harvest efficiency increases, when harvest locations are near each other, resulting in less driving and more picking.

Neighborhood Synergy
We want to find out if getting the word out to people in a defined area, makes a difference in how that neighborhood effects adjacent neighborhoods.

Download Script
We do NOT want you to ring the bell and disturb the residents. However once in a while, you may run into a homeowner or neighbor that wants to know what you are doing.

script for introducing yourself and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

List of Available neighborhoods













Pleasant Hill


San Ramon


Walnut Creek