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Welcome Fruit Donors




Thank you for registering your fruit tree on our website,  and welcome to the community of The Urban Farmers.

The Urban Farmers is a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers (which now includes you!) focused on providing fresh, healthy, local fruit to the hungry.

We hope this page will help you better understand how the program works and what to expect. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

The Big Picture
We are a social justice organization. Our highest priority is to provide food to people that need it. We see this work as a partnership between fruit donors such as yourself, the volunteers that harvest your fruit and our Neighborhood Leaders that organize the work. Here is how things work.

We carefully balance the desire for maximum production with the need to protect the environment, the cost of the operations, and the value of the service to the community. This is a tough balancing act, and some of the choices we have to make are difficult.

Given that we are an all-volunteers organization, we must plan our harvests weeks in advance. Each harvest consists of 3 to 4 stops at homes in proximity to each other. If your tree is ripe with ready-to-pick fruit, we will do our best to include your tree(s) on one of our routes, but may not be able to offer you our full program this year.

Early Adopters
You may be a new contributor with a tree in an outlying area. Environmentally, it makes little sense to send a truck and volunteers on a long trip to harvest a single tree. However, as the density of registered trees in your area increases, it will make all the sense in the world to come to your neighborhood and harvest several trees.

Planned Harvests
If your fruit is at least two weeks away from ripening, there is a better chance that we can harvest your fruit. Sometimes we can mobilize a small group of volunteers with minimal equipment and a small vehicle. When we can do this, we will let you know as soon as possible. After this year, once your tree is registered and the ripening dates are determined, we will send you an e-mail about a month ahead of time asking if you anticipate having excess fruit to donate. When you do, and you respond to our email, we will add you to our planned routes and let you know the schedule.

Post Harvest
We don’t have any storage facilities. As soon as the harvest for the day is finished, we send the fruit where it’s needed.

How Can I Help?
You have already done a lot. Without tree owners like you, there would be no harvest. If you want to do more, here are some options:

Self Harvest
If you have small trees and can harvest the fruit, please do so and let us know. If we are in your neighborhood, we will come and collect your harvest. Otherwise, we can provide the details for a hunger relief agency near you where you can drop off your fruit.

Get the Word Out
Help us increase the density of registered trees in your area by telling your friends and neighbors about the program. The higher the density of trees in a neighborhood, the higher the chances that we will harvest in that neighborhood. You can download a flyer to print or e-mail to a friend.

Post to Nextdoor
Do you use Nexdoor website? Please visit this page and find sample text to post about our service. Your neighbors will thank you.

Group Announcements
Most of us belong to one or more local groups, such as houses of worship, schools, community watch groups, Scouts, and civic organizations. Ask your group leaders if they would consider sending an announcement about the program to their e-mail list. We can provide sample announcements.

Thank you for registering your fruit tree. If you’d like to know more about the future direction of the project please see Hunger Proof Cities.