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Our Youtube channel is focused around two topics, 1) how to grow fruits and vegetables and 2) how to get the excess fruit to people that need it. Central to this discussions, is hunger and poverty in America, and innovative ways that we can address this issue.

The Urban Farmers Picture Show

Harvests & Hunger Relief

Pilot Test of Community Harvest
Drew’s Gleaning Project

Building a Giving-Orchard at The Athenian School
Volunteer Day at The Athenian School
Students Planting Fruit Trees

Saint Mary’s College Students Reflect on Social Justice
High Potential Harvest
Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action Volunteers
Post Harvest Reflections

Community Harvests
Harvest Overview
Community Harvests
Family Harvests

Hunger Relief and Volunteerism
Intentional Volunteer
Social Action at Temple Isaiah
Temple Isaiah Summer Campers
Hunger and Food  Waste

Growing Local Food

 5 Reasons for Thinning Fruit Trees
How to Force a Fruit Tree to Branch Where Needed
Up close with Wooly Apple Aphids
Black Aphids Crawling Up a Tree
How to Make a Soil Block
A Short Course in Cover Crop
Communal Service Concept